Here Are 7 Steps For How To Stop A Foreclosure


Is there a way for how to stop a foreclosure? You have no idea how to go about it? Having the right information on the foreclosure and the processes involved could enable you to navigate past the impending doom.

How to stop a foreclosure

When an individual is heavily indebted and unable to make their mortgage payments on time or the respective municipality may seize your belongings to offset the amount owed. This amount owed may be in the form of back taxes or payments. Foreclosure means you can lose your money, and your home too.

It is important that affected individuals should know that despite the concerned authority filing a foreclosure complaint, the probability of it succeeding is never guaranteed. Having the right information on how to stop a foreclosure proceeding may equip the individual with a little more time to save their property.

Negotiate an understanding with your lender

Communication is crucial, and it could salvage the entire situation. If you foresee that you might miss out on your payments, it is advisable to contact your lender and inform them. This might prevent them from immediately qualifying you for foreclosure. From a technical point of view, lenders try as much as possible to avoid foreclosing on clients as the entire process is costly. Estimates put the figure at $30,000 notwithstanding the amount of time, hassle and energy, which will be allocated to the process. With open communication between both parties, several options can be examined before foreclosure becomes the sole option available. This is one of the best ways on How to stop foreclosure sale.

How to stop foreclosure

Try to alter or modify your loan in a way that will be agreeable to the lender

If you can reach a compromise, whereby the lender allows you to pay an amount that may be manageable to your current situation. Here, the lenders shall agree to change the initial agreed monthly amount to a lower figure and increase the amortization period to meet the contract stipulation. It is advisable to switch from adjustable rate mortgages to a fixed rate one if possible.

Make a forbearance request

This temporarily stalls the foreclosure proceedings. Thus, it is not really a way for how to stop foreclosure sale. This agreement allows an individual to make partial or no mortgage payments for an agreed time frame. The decision is arrived at mutually by you and your lender. In the long run, payment of the entire loan is non-negotiable however. Later on one may be required to either make a lump sum payment or pay extra on their mortgage payments to cover the duration of forbearance.

Hire a legal expert or counselor

The professional will assist you in getting your finances back on the right path and try to find a middle ground between both parties and avoid a foreclosure altogether. They are knowledgeable on all the ways of how to stop foreclosure as well as provide insight on how you will emerge from the entire ordeal with your home. However, be aware of those counselors who charge exorbitant fees yet all they do is to stall the foreclosure process rather than assist the client to get out of it entirely.

How to stop foreclosure sale

Sell off some property before they are auctioned off

The homeowner will be able to salvage some equity, which was still invested. Selling your home on short notice is difficult but not impossible.

Negotiate with the lender a deed in lieu of foreclosure

How to stop forclosure

Such an agreement involves requesting the lender to allow you to transfer your ownership deed to them in exchange for exoneration of any outstanding amount owed. This option should be considered when there is no other reasonable choice on the table and should be advised by your housing counselor.

Declaring bankruptcy

Bankruptcy eliminates your debts in exchange for seizure of your properties or regular monthly payments. At times, it does not seem like it the best option for how to stop foreclosure, but it is a wise move for overwhelmed home owners who are unable to meet their mortgage payments. To qualify for bankruptcy, one has to pass a certain test and have the recommended paperwork, particularly their tax documentation.

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