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Your Bankruptcy Attorney in Utah


When you are hit hard economically, filing for bankruptcy might be the only option left for you. However, there are laws that govern such cases in the state of Utah. The process has a definite procedure and one is required to adhere to the court guidelines. Owing to such complexities, you need to hire a bankruptcy attorney in Utah to assist you with the process. With creditors haunting you from every corner and pressure mounting from your service providers, you may be tempted to ignore the important process of finding a good Utah bankruptcy attorney. It is very important to consider a few factors to secure the best lawyer there is.

Your Bankruptcy Attorney in Utah

Here are some of the things you should look for when hiring your attorney:

Gives you value for your money

It is natural for most clients to consider the costs when they are hiring a Utah bankruptcy lawyer. However, the most important thing to do is to ensure that the lawyer has the capacity to drive the entire bankruptcy case procedure properly albeit the cost. Most bankruptcy lawyers in Utah use Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, both of which are actually the standard agreement by the law.

The standard charge should include the consultation, an evaluation of your financial situation and thorough preparation of the petition. It also covers the review of the petition with the lawyer meeting with creditors and a series of follow-ups with the financial lending institutions. To ensure that you are not getting a raw deal, make sure that the attorney spells out the tasks covered by the flat fee. If a lawyer is offering a lower representation than any other lawyer around Utah does, you should be careful.

Hiring a Utah bankruptcy lawyer

Specializes in bankruptcy cases

While most lawyers can handle a bankruptcy case, it is best to work specifically with a bankruptcy lawyer in Utah. In that way, your case will be done within a short time. When hiring a Utah bankruptcy attorney, do not be lured by the number of years they have been in practice. On the contrary, you should inquire about the percentage of the bankruptcy cases they have handled. If a lawyer presents a CV with multiple skills, it should tell you that they are expert to none.

They are updated on the 2005 code changes

In 2005, the US Congress passed into law the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act. This code significantly changed bankruptcy cases. You should ensure that the bankruptcy attorney in Utah is enlightened on this act. However, the code does not favor the debtors since they are not forgiven their debts but instead they pay by reorganization. One is also required to attend credit-counseling sessions before they apply for bankruptcy protection. Although most Utah bankruptcy attorneys are aware of these 2005 changes, inquire to ascertain that fact for your own good.

Should not be a mill

Skilled and experienced bankruptcy lawyer

While you can find a skilled and experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Utah, some firms are notorious for spinning cases, without caring about the individual needs of the client. Even the courts are suspicious of such lawyers. It is not easy to identify a mill, but you can seek recommendations from the local bar association on bankruptcy attorneys in Utah who are skilled in bankruptcy cases.

If you consider the above factors, you can secure the best attorney to steer your case. Remember that to succeed, you require somebody who understands the law clearly. There are many bankruptcy lawyers in Utah but not all of them may help you secure adequate protection.

Because it is time to fight back and get on track!

It is time to fight back and get on track

A surprising fact, that most of my clients don't realize, is that Salt Lake County has consistently been one of the highest per capita personal bankruptcy rates in the nation. As recently as 2014, Salt Lake City had the 5th highest per capita BK filings. With such a rich, rugged, and self-sufficient history… why do we have such a rate? I can speculate, without any raw data, that it is because of our high levels of education, extremely technically savvy general population, and a practical financial mindset. That is, we, as Utahans, know we are at the breaking point financially, and we understand that we have a constitutional right, to be free from devastating debt. Why would we pay towards overwhelming debts, when we need to provide for our families? We are not going to be indentured servants to debt which undermines our hope, our talent, and our well-being.

Bankruptcy Attorney in Utah

We are all human. We make mistakes. In regards to material expenses, we all have made mistakes. BK is about redeeming our hold on life. To lawfully unburden ourselves from onerous weight of debt that deprives us of our ability to sustain our families, that never seems to reduce… always burying us further away from any way to start over… to begin anew… to reclaim our futures and have an opportunity to actually save our money so that we can provide for our golden years… and not become a burden on society or our families… debt can literally destroy a person's entire life.

Craig R. Chlarson - Utah Bankruptcy Attorney

My name is Craig R. Chlarson. Whether you are seeking to eliminate your debt, typically through a chapter 7 filing, or whether you are seeking to reorganize your debt, typically through a chapter 13 filing, or even if you have basic bankruptcy questions, call me today. I can help you.

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